Behavioral Health Consultant, Trainer and EAP Manager

Seattle, Washington



Why aren’t you a “preferred provider” with my insurance company?





I try to keep my practice independent of the insurance companies for several reasons. I want to be free of their monitoring. I also like to be free of their restrictions on the number and frequency of sessions and the conditions that can be treated. I want to know that my clinical decisions cannot be affected by an outside business, and I prefer the higher level of confidentiality when all my information about you stays within my office.


I am well aware of the downside for some clients who must pay from the pocket as a consequence, or accept a lower rate of reimbursement when they submit my out-of-network invoice. On the positive side, in addition to keeping mental health records from potentially affecting future insurance decisions, you too are free of the restrictions imposed by the insurer.


Finally, my style of practice is such that many are able to find resolution early, meeting their therapy goals relatively fast. I know that when payment is coming from an outside source, therapy is more likely to drag on for as long as the reimbursement is coming in.


It may well be that your insurance company will still reimburse you at some level for services from non-contact providers.  Otherwise, if my fee is a barrier that would keep you from coming in, call me.




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