The Downside of Wellness

I now manage and provide well-being services to the medical staff of Kaiser Permanente of Washington. Here is something I wrote for an internal newsletter: We all must tend to resilience and wellness. Yoga, running, meditationā€¦knitting. There are limitless options. We need this if our work is stress-free, and we need more when work is … Read more The Downside of Wellness

Will you knock it off about the exercise already?

Question: If the exercise habit is so important, why is it so hard to come by? Answer: First, let’s recognize just how important it is. Exercise is a panacea, the miracle medicine. Almost everything gets better! Low mood, high anxiety, anger, sleep, immunity, energy, concentration and productivity. Self-image, weight, appearance and confidence. Sex, strength, longevity … Read more Will you knock it off about the exercise already?

My Son Won’t Launch


Our adult son is getting more and more disabled with his depression. Whether he has bipolar, schizophrenia or something else, we’re not sure, but he is so isolated he’ll hardly talk to anyone. His basement room is in shambles and he smells bad. He used to talk about killing himself but now he doesn’t even talk enough to let us know if he’s suicidal. We worry too about our granddaughter who is brave, but should be a little frightened to visit him on weekends. How can we help when he is so withdrawn? This has been a recurrent or cyclic problem by the way, but more intense each time.

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I Want a Therapist who Likes Me


I want a therapist who likes me. Therapists I’ve had in the past seem to just seem to want to to want to get me in and get me out. Or, they’d treat me like a child, using pity and patronizing. Another one was young and inexperienced and seemed awed by me which wasn’t helpful, and I imagine others are remote and analytical, too removed.

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