Behavioral Health Consultant, Trainer and EAP Manager

Seattle, Washington

The Downside of Wellness

I now manage and provide well-being services to the medical staff of Kaiser Permanente of Washington. Here is something I wrote for an internal newsletter: We all must tend to resilience and wellness. Yoga, running, meditationā€¦knitting. There are limitless options. We need this if our work is stress-free, and we need more when work is … Read more The Downside of Wellness

Will you knock it off about the exercise already?

Question: If the exercise habit is so important, why is it so hard to come by? Answer: First, let’s recognize just how important it is. Exercise is a panacea, the miracle medicine. Almost everything gets better! Low mood, high anxiety, anger, sleep, immunity, energy, concentration and productivity. Self-image, weight, appearance and confidence. Sex, strength, longevity … Read more Will you knock it off about the exercise already?

How to Self-Motivate

Question: OK, I’m convinced I’ll start feeling better as soon as I start doing something. In fact, I’ve always known this, and I know exactly what I would do. I would start cleaning up my place, and walking. It’s so simple, except for this: I can’t do it. I just don’t have the motivation to move off the couch. How do I get past this?

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