Behavioral Health Consultant, Trainer and EAP Manager

Seattle, Washington

The Downside of Wellness

I now manage and provide well-being services to the medical staff of Kaiser Permanente of Washington. Here is something I wrote for an internal newsletter: We all must tend to resilience and wellness. Yoga, running, meditationā€¦knitting. There are limitless options. We need this if our work is stress-free, and we need more when work is … Read more The Downside of Wellness

Husband Won’t Agree to Therapy

Question: My wife wants us to come in and see you. It’s nothing personal, you understand, but… Well, actually it IS personal! That’s just it. I keep my private stuff private, thankyouverymuch. OK in all seriousness, my objection really is that I just don’t think it can help. Already, we talk about problems and all it does is get us more entangled. The way I see it, the problem is in how we try to solve problems. She gets repetitive, I get defensive, and we go in painful circles. So when go see a therapist, this is just going to intensify. I’d rather drill my own teeth.

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